Established in 1980s by founding Chairman Haji Omar Ramju Sadick, United Muslim Association of Hong Kong (UMAH) runs with the mission to serve for the welfare of the Muslim Community of Hong Kong. Haji Omar Sadick passed away in 1990. Late Mr. Alli Din succeeded to lead the development of the association. Since then, we have started an International Islamic Primary School as well as an Islamic Elderly Home. We have also led the movement to construct a new Masjid and Elderly Home in New Territories; the first one to date!

Mr. Alli Din passed away in December 2009. After the death of the late Chairman, Mohammad Alli Din, Din family led by Sr. Jamilah Din approached the senior founding members to call for an Extra-Ordinary Meeting (EGM) to decide upon the way forward for the organisation. Unfortunately, none of the founding members that Sr. Jamilah Din approached were willing to come forward. Due to that situation, Din family approached active Muslim Community members Br. Yusuf Yu, Haji Mohammad Ijaz and Sr. Sharifa Leung. Hence these three members were co-opted in the Council of Management following the regulations of the M&A of UMAH. Subsequently, an EGM was called in 2010 and immediately after the EGM, the organisation resumed its function.

But unfortunately, some outsiders, who were NOT members of UMAH, launched a court case against three of our council members. By the grace of Allah (s.w.t.) truth prevailed and the aforementioned outsiders categorically lost the case in High Court (Court Judgement 2015). Moreover, they have recently been ordered by the court to pay HKD 2.3 Million in damages. The court proceedings negatively affected the function of the organization.

The newly elected UMAH Council comprises members from different professional and national backgrounds.