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Alhumdulillah. Following the successful conclusion of almost three decades of multi-party negotiations, the Sheung Shui Masjid project is currently underway. A successful fundraising was held on Friday, 30 March 2018.

Led by Mufti Muhammad Shoaib (Imam of Kowloon Masjid), over 300 people attended the Jummah congregation representing various Muslim communities in Hong Kong traveling for example from, as far away as Tung Chung, Chai Wan and Tin Shui Wai let alone across New Territories.

Over HK$220,000 was fundraised collectively including pledges, cash and cheque donations at the event. Just as remarkably, two young children heartwarmingly donated their one-year savings amounting to just over HK$6000 towards the blessed cause.

To be able to witness such outpouring of support and interest both in person and thousands of views and likes via various social media platforms, is no doubt helping encourage the growing number of volunteers and the diverse committee members to see this milestone project through.

In order to meet the initial budget requirement of HK$10 million (to start construction), we will continue to increase collaboration between different Muslim organisations here in Hong Kong and seek the support of the local Muslim community, as well as overseas, so as to ensure the current and next generation of Muslims in the New Territories will have access to a Masjid and community centre for our youth.

Meantime, may Allah reward all the donors and volunteers for their time, effort, hard work and generosity solely with the intention of seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt).

Bayan By Mufti Muhammad Shoaib In Sheung Shui Masjid Hong Kong 30/3/2018
穆夫提穆罕默德·沙伊布 2018年月30日于上水清真寺

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