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Courtesy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the prayers of the supporters and untiring effort of all volunteers for this project, the building and construction of the King Abdullah Islamic Centre and Elderly Home will begin in May 2019.

After almost 30 years since the idea of a Masjid and Islamic Centre in the New Territories was first envisioned by the former Chairman, Mr. Alli Mohammed Din, UMAH is pleased to announce funding is now secured and the project will begin construction soon.

After much pain-staking effort, in 2000 Mr. Din managed to secure a piece of land from the Hong Kong Government in Sheung Shui next to Tsui Lai Gardens.

In 2006, the idea of the King Abdullah Islamic Centre and Elderly Home was approved and land purchased with funding from the Qatar Charity and donation collected locally. The project finally received funding support for construction from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2009 after years of donation appeals.

However, during that tumultuous year, Mr. Din sadly passed away and a group of individuals attempted to take over the leadership of UMAH forcing this project into prolonged court proceedings, which by the grace and mercy of Allah, was fully resolved in August 2018, when the Hong Kong High Court ruled in the favour of the rightful and legal guardians of this project. It is unfortunate that time and resources are being wasted for such endeavours and we hope that we can all work together for the benefit of the ummah.

Following countless meetings with various government departments, community leaders and potential sponsors over the years that included the public awareness and fundraising campaign launched on 30th March 2018, the overwhelming will of the Muslim community of Hong Kong became evident, encouraging the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to generously support this auspicious project.

In late October 2018, an official confirmation to fund the entire project from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was issued and we are now in the midst of finalising legal, engineering and architectural contracts with a view of commencing construction by May 2019.

Should you have any queries about this project, please do not hesitate to contact at UMAH via email

Indeed, all praise is for Allah alone.

All funds entrusted by the community for building this Masjid is being dealt with utmost care and responsibility by UMAH for the Masjid insha’Allah.

We take this opportunity to thank those who supported and contributed to this project.

We remain in service to the HK community.


On behalf of UMAH Council and Sheung Shui Masjid Action Committee

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