Sheung Shui Elderly Home and Islamic Centre Project


Computer rendition of the original designs for the Project (2006)

Sheung Shui Elderly Home and Islamic Centre Project

The United Muslim Association of Hong Kong is appealing to all Brothers and Sisters in Islam, locally and internationally to help and financially support the construction of the ONE and ONLY Mosque and Islamic Centre in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

After 156 years, an opportunity to build a place of worship for the Muslim community has come. Thus we urge all Muslims to support, help and get involved and do charity work for the betterment of mankind. Take part in giving back the glory to the Almighty Allah as we build Him a humble House together and we will all be blessed with each generous and charitable deed.


The Prophet Mohammad (swt) said: 

“Whoever built the Mosque, with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah would build for him similar in paradise.”