Masjid Campaign

Sheung Shui Masjid and Elderly Home Project

Help us build the first Mosque and Islamic Centre in the New Territories

An urgent appeal to save the Sheung Shui Masjid Project

The United Muslim Association of Hong Kong is appealing to all Brothers and Sisters in Islam, locally and internationally to help and financially support the construction of the  ONLY Mosque and Islamic Centre in the New Territories, Hong Kong.


After a prolonged decade long struggle and conceding to certain demands of nearby residents to pacify their objections by notably altering the design of the Mosque Minaret, the internal audio system, etc., their objections were ultimately over-ruled by the Lands Department.Finally, the grant was approved and the lease of this land was executed on 23rd April 2006 under these primary conditions.

  • Area involved: 2,046 sq M
  • Lease Term: 50 years from the date of Agreement
  • Premium: HK$9.35 Million – bulk paid from Qatar Endowment Fund and from local and organization donors such as IUHK and BOT.
  • Entire Project Construction cost: HKD 360 Million
  • Islamic Centre and a 200-bed elderly care home

How You Can Help

Since the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has still not given a reply despite reminders in letters and meetings for the last year, the committee has decided to go ahead with fundraising efforts from March 2018 to safeguard the amanah of the Hong Kong Muslim community. We are also meeting with government officials and departments to push forward with a youth-oriented approach for an innovative healthy ageing concept to be implemented in the elderly care home”.

To donate, click HERE.


Since our target sum is quite large, we have decided to heed advice and raise funds in multiple stages on LaunchGood. The full sum is HK$ 10 Million by August to begin works, which we have converted into US$ for online campaign and broken down into Stages. Each time we complete a stage, we will increase the goal. Our original plan remains the same, and we will continue to post updates on our website and our Project Facebook Page.

“If soft water can wear away hard rock by its persistence during many years, surely I can overcome all my difficulties by perseverance and tolerance,” said Mohamed Alli Din [Deceased], Founding Chairman of the United Muslim Association of Hong Kong (UMAH)